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Virardi Opening

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The opening of the new impressive building installations of the company Virardi Enterprices Ltd were realized.


Chefs of the company Virardi Enterprises LTD ready to treat the guests


Panoramic photographing by the openings with crowd of people that was invited


George with Mr. Roland Virardi and Michael Virardi in warm moments

Educational and Professional Trips – Villeroy and Boch

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Andonis and other colleagues during their visit to the famous company of “Villeroy & Boch”.


The L. Constantinou company representative of “Revol” in Cyprus has organized educational convention on 2006 in France, were professional Chefs have had the chance to know and be impressed by “Revols” products. Memorable photo of the team of Cyhefs! Present was also Mr Andoni Nicolaou.

villeroy3 villeroy4

During his visit in Villeroy and Boch, Antonis also did not omit to visit the museum of a known firm and he is photographed between the wonderful creations.


Educational and Professional Trips – Virardi

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Every year the company Virardi Enterprises ltd in collaboration with the “Piazza” of Italy organise educational trips for the Cypriot Chefs.
Final aim the briefing of professionals in the development of technology for the manufacture of stainless utensils and kitchen tools.


In the photograph George with his dear friend and colleague Michael Virardi outside of the hotel in Italy.


On the journey George, Michael and other colleagues enjoying a terrific dinner in Holland.